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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tel Aviv Party Weekend at the Palace Pool Club!

Thanks to the invitation from our friend from the Israel embassy, we were able to celebrate the first of the two parties celebrating the Tel Aviv Party Weekend here in Manila at the Palace Pool Club at the BGC!

It was also a special night since it was the first time the Fabe siblings came out to party in a very loooooong time.  It was also our first time at this venue.

My sister was surprised about the new set-up of guest lists and the expensive cover charge for the tables and cabanas.  I told her the local party scene has changed a bit since we last partied.  

Nowadays, each table has a charge attached whence before, you can just get a table and not worry about having to order too much.  

Anyway, we just ordered what we could consume.  The idea naman is to have a great time without having to spend so much.  

None of us drink by the way, well, I will drink, if someone will offer me a drink, otherwise, I stick to soda.

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