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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rediscovering How Hot Rob James-Collier Is of Downton Abbey!

I stopped watching Downton Abbey not because the I didn't like the show. It's just that it was one of the things that I and my ex enjoyed watching together, so that after the first season, I just had to tune out of the show just to be able to move on.

In fact, he gave me the complete first season of the show and it was one of the TV shows we watched together while eating chips on his bed.

Anyway, last night, I was going through one of my bauls, and found the DVD he gave me of the first season, along with the next three seasons of the show!

I decided to play the first season and it was love at first sight once again! I forgot how gwapo Rob James Collier is!! And how acerbic Maggie Smith was! Oh god, the many lines we'd share with each other showing how b****y Maggie's character was! Wonderful memories!

Oh well, I will slowly watch the first season again along with the next three seasons, and hopefully, find a copy of the 5th and 6th season.

I wish Holy Week na para matapos ko lahat ng seasons!

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