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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Movie Review: Saint Laurent Too Long

There's so much male nudity in the movie Saint Laurent, one could effectively fill one's lifetime quota of male genitalia seen in a non-pornographic movie.  This is a French movie after all, so total nudity is par for course.

I admit when I saw that scene where Gaspard Ulliel came out of that closet, I was like, oohhh la la, now THAT is hung like a horse!  The real YSL though was not as muscular as the actor, but anyway, Gaspard's hot and he does resemble YSL after some clever hair and make-up.

The movie though, was too long for me, the film editor could've helped the director take out some scenes or shortened others to make it more compact.  

Another complication is the movie's nonlinear chronology of events which does not allow any emotional build up to happen and anyone new to Yves' life can possibly just mistake him for a drug addict junkie who led a hedonistic life of aimless orgies and debauchery.

Actually, Yves is one of the few designers whose own name carries the brand, who really cashed in on their talent, with him getting a cool 350 million euros during an IPO on his brand.  Not bad after a lifetime's contribution to fashion.  I don't think Chanel or Dior or even Louis Vuitton were that lucky.

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