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Friday, August 8, 2014

Restaurant Review: Rediscovering How Good Italianni's Service and Food Is!

The last time I ate in Italianni's previous to this one was in their Shangri-la Mall branch and the food there was just so-so.  And it's been years since I ate in Italianni's. I guess we just decided to try other restos.

So I was very happy and a bit surprised that they still had good service and delicious food!  This time, it was during my friend's birthday party in their Trinoma branch!  Next time I want some Italian food, I will definitely visit their Trinoma branch since everything my friend ordered tasted really yummy!! 

I don't even know the names of the pizzas and the salads that she ordered but they were different from each other that maybe I should just pick and try when I am there!  I'm definitely going to visit the place since my experience there was just great!

They even gave some of my friends fee ice cream since it was their birthday!  How thoughtful!

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