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Friday, August 15, 2014

Meeting the Shy Xian Lim

I've heard that Xian Lim has been practicing at the G-Force Dance Center regularly but I never really got the chance to see him until this week!  We were a bit lucky since one of our friends, Ivy, was brave enough to ask for a photo op with him, soon as he came out from the rehearsal room.

He did appear a bit shy and some of the STC girls we were with were disappointed since he did not make akbay to them.  I just told them na baka he was sweaty inside and didn't want to 'mess up' the girls.  He did stand a few inches away from us but I ended up defending him sa mga girls, explaining nga na he just came from rehearsal and he may not have felt very fresh anymore.

Anyhow, what's important is that even after a tiring practice session, he still managed to squeak a smile for each one of us (I think we were about six people who had a photo op with him)!  He does look good in person, tall and very handsome.  I just wish he was more talkative and more relaxed but well, one can't have everything!

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