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Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrating At Dong Juan Resto

Dong Juan Restaurant has become our latest hangout among friends, basically because it's very near the house and it has a very cozy and warm ambiance, which I like. The restaurant is very laid back and the 'house' where the resto is supposed to be historical, being the house of "Lola Basyang".  

Unfortunately, I didn't listen closely to the story that one of the owners was telling about the progeny of the house but anyway, for me, as long as the food and the service is good, wala tayong problema!

Anyway, my favorites in their menu include the ribs which you should try because not only is it very affordable, it's also very yummy!  I also like the pasta with chorizo!

The restaurant is located in Mother Ignacia just at the back of St. Mary's College.  It shouldn't be too difficult to find at night since it's the only really well-lighted place in that area.  

Parking at lunch though, may be a problem as the students of St. Mary's College and their sundo might take many of the parking slots.

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