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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My BFF Meets The G-Force Stallions

Finally my BFF was able to attend Ram's class tonight and I was very happy because she was able to finish it!  Mukhang nag-enjoy naman sya, and even though the class was composed mostly of pretty young things, and that they were just half our age plus 10 years, at least she was able to keep up with them.  Inalalayan pa nga siya ni Ram, which was nice!

It was also her lucky night as almost all the G-Force Stallions were there, except for Bill!  So I decided to just eat my pride and asked for a picture for her with each one of them.  The G-Force Stallions are really nice and approachable and you can easily strike a conversation with them.  I just hope they stay the same way even if they become very popular!

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