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Friday, May 25, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week 2012: Guapo ang Male Models, Chaka ang Female Models

After seeing the womenswear collection of some Dubai-based designers, my friend said that the female models were chaka and that the only model he liked was actually seating down - yup that was Sarah Meier - and she still looks hot! Wawa naman friend ko and all the heterosexual males sa audience. Well, on the other hand, the fairies and queens and roses , I'm sure, busog ang mga mata at puson! There was just a lot of male eye candy last night. If si Mama lang kasama ko, I would've had pictures with all of them. Masarap kasama si Mama that way e, makwela! Nevertheless, I just chose my two favorites among the sea of goodlooking men, and it was Hideo Muraoka of F&H and a young model from Holland. As for the clothes, naku, check niyo na lang online, may website ang PFW 2012. I'm sure will have lots of photos of them. Basta ako, ayun, just enjoying all the candy boys around! Off to dreamland na ako!

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