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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zaha Hadid: Groundbreaking Female Architect

Interestingly, I learned about the who's who of today's contemporary architects because of Prada.
In the early 2000's, Miuccia Prada was building these shrines of fashion glorifying her product line.
In my first trip to Tokyo, a friend asked me, "Oh, what did you do there?" I said, "Oh, I just checked out the Prada store in Omotesando. I actually went in, and everything was in white, a white freaking carpet - and it was raining outside. I was very worried about my shoes dirtying the immaculate white carpet!"
Anyhow, another architect did that building. Because of them, I learned about the talent of a female architect, much revered in the profession, Zaha Hadid.
Unfortunately, she died last night but her legacy of circular design in buildings and circular buildings firmly places her in the firmament of modern architecture.
She will certainly be missed for her generosity and the path she has created to future female architects.

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