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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Missing My #OOTD Days

To be young and thinner! It's really the age where you can still squeeze into the impossible sizes Italian designers demand from their clients.
Like most young people, I used to spend all my money on clothes and I had very expensive taste before.
When I see today's young people satisfied with just H&M or Uniqlo or Forever 21, I realized how crazy I was before since I demanded to wear Versace or Cavalli or Missoni!
Kaya ayun, maxxed out palagi ang credit card.
I'm wearing Versace here when Gianni was still alive! Gianni was very meticulous with everything! Even the buttons had to have the Versace logo! He was THAT meticulous to detail.
And everything was super tight to the body, when tight was not yet in vogue (this was the 90s!)
Of course now, I am happy wearing Bench or Oxygen, preferring to save money for the kiddos education and my old age.
I've had my fashion ‪#‎OOTD‬ time and I really had a lot of fun.

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