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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bridge of Spies - "Would it help?" quote

Optimism and freedom from worry are the two most valuable lessons I've learned during my own Holy Week meditation.
These past few years have been very difficult from me and I have been pushed to the edge so many times, it would've been very easy to just give up.
Anyhow, it's very funny that it took a movie character to help me realize that I worry too much!

I know many people thought Sylvester Stallone should've won the Oscar this year but I was one of the few, including of course the members of the Academy who voted for Mark Rylance, who think that this guy really delivered the best performance among their group.
In this wonderfully cut montage of his scenes from the movie Bridge of Spies, and through the wittily written words of the Coen brothers, it took a Soviet spy character to remind me to live life more optimistically (although I believe I am already one of the most optimistic people I know!) and to not worry too much, because as his character says in these scenes - would negativity and worrying too much, help?

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