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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trying Out Planet Infinity in Crossroads

After a month of hee-hawing, I finally decided to get a gym nearer the house na lang, which just happens to be across Dylan's school.

Thirteen years din me sa former gym ko so it was not an easy decision to change but since kelangang magtipid sa oras at pera and to avoid having to deal with the EDSA-Quezon Avenue traffic everyday - ayun, I just walk to the gym everyday.

Mr. M and his friend (is it right to call her that, I don't really know how to call her officially) are my gym mates once more. We were gym mates in the late 90s and early 00s in Pinnacle and as usual, they are inseparable and very unassuming.

The gym has a small nice indoor pool which is not deep so I won't have to experience panic attacks when I'm exhausted already and in a middle of a deep 50-f****ing meter pool!

I noticed that I really have to update my trunks because everyone now looks like a triathlete when they swim. But I really can't let go from wearing the skimpier 80s version of Speedos. It has to be really tight to the body kasi otherwise, baka pagdive ko, ayun, tanggal din ang saplot!

I joined their K-pop dance class and it's cute because they have choreography towards the end and it's not as hard as G-Force choreo but complex enough for old folks like me.

The yoga teacher naman was malupit kanina! Apparently, I entered an advanced class and they were doing head stands already. "Would you like to try sir?' "Would I like to break my neck because my arms couldn't support by big belly?" "Not today teacher"

But the stocky chinito on my left was able to do it ha! It's amazing how they can control their feet and their core to able to maintain that pose without doing it on the wall first!

And the sun salutation sequence was very fast and we had to do the more difficult version, kaya hingal na hingal lola mo kanina!

I still haven't seen the night crowd though because I have patterned my gym schedule now to Dylan's morning class schedule, but maybe this summer, I can make some adjustments.

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