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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Les Miserables in Manila!

Watching the great classic musical Les Miserables is like welcoming an old dear friend back into our homes.

We all know the music by heart and are familiar with the plot lines of the story yet we relish the experience like it was the first time, as we are moved, again by the beauty of its message and the continuing relevance it has in our own lives - forgiveness, redemption, courage and self-sacrifice.

Victor Hugo's novel is already a monumental achievement on its own, watching its story unfold, this time, as a musical, makes it even touch our hearts more, because the music is so moving, and so familiar to us.

I bet everyone who went home last night was humming a tune from the many beautiful songs in this musical.

We are so lucky to have the Solaire Theatre as a venue because it allows grand musicals like Les Miserables to unfold into the visual and aural spectacle that it is capable of.

This Manila version of this musical has some new stage treats and gimmicks that made us ooohh and ahhh last night, as if the music alone was not enough to impress us.

The tickets are a bit pricey but sulit na sulit sya. I'm sure many of you have seen the movie version, but I strongly recommend you watch the live musical version as well.

It's a totally different experience because the Solaire Theatre allows you to be part of what's happening and you won't even notice it's 2 hour and a half running time because it is both engaging and captivating.

I strongly recommend that you listen to the soundtrack before you watch it for a more enhanced experience.

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