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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Movie Review: The Luscious and Delicate Carol

If you were a lesbian and you looked like Cate Blanchett and had her gravitas, it won't be difficult to attract other women your way.
Yun lang, if you lived in the 1950s, it would be a bit difficult. I finally watched the movie Carol over the Holy Week and I felt bad that it was snubbed by the Oscars for Best Picture.
It's a gorgeous movie! The fashion, the houses, the cars - it's always like that in a Todd Haynes! Everything is gorgeous, including Cate Blanchett!
I was actually watching her character, and I realized, OMG, that's me, that's how audacious I sometimes approach boys I like. I used to be very shy and indirect, but as you age and you gain more experience and confidence, you become bold - and that department store scene where Cate meets Rooney for the first time, shows how supremely confident Cate's character is, in her flirting powers!
One beef lang that I have with this movie is that these lesbians are hot!! I guess we're so used to the stereotype of lesbians looking like Charice and Aiza Seguerra, who won't really qualify as hot based on Cosmopolitan standards.
Rooney Mara is one actress who downplays her beauty when she's walking the red carpet, always opting for that "crazy" look, but when she's in movies, she looks so radiant and innocent and beguiling!
It's impossible not to fall in love with her in this movie because she's so sweet, and fragile and confused, you just want to hold her and comfort her and well, mentor her.
The lesbians will love this movie because there is a sex scene and the last Oscar-nominated movie that went all out in girl-to-girl action was in Black Swan.
See, heterosexual Hollywood A-list directors are human too and they have these girl-to-girl sex fantasies which they can include in their movies because they are such great writers and directors - so they can get away with it!
Putting that aside, I loved Sarah Paulson here. This woman should get a meaty role soon and get herself Oscar-nominated. She deserves it! I discovered her in the American Horror Story series and she's here as well!
One thing though is that this lesbian movie has a nice ending! Buti pa sila, sa Brokeback Mountain, napakatragic! Bakit pag gay man's movie, kelangan talaga may mamatay. Pero sa lesbians, happy ending. Kainis!

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