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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Typical Saturday Night for Me

Gone na are the Saturday nights where I would be in a club somewhere in HK or BKK partying the night away, meeting them gorgeous boys.

Nowadays, this is a typical Saturday night for me. 

I told Mama about this and she said "Just enjoy them when they still want to hang out with you."  

"When they become teenagers, they will avoid being seen with you in public and will prefer the company of their friends. They will only want to see you when they want their allowance." 

Parang ganun nga kami nuon, aray ko po!

By the way, Dylan is the one shrouded in the blanket.  I think he feels the room is too cold and chooses to watch his Ipad that way.  Laura says my room is as cold as a hotel room.

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