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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Walking Dead Zombie Weekend for the Kids

It was a Walking Dead zombie Halloween weekend for the Fabe babies!
Ayun, they finally experienced the zombie apocalypse and they both completely freaked out!
Laura had such a funny story to tell when only she and Dylan were left in a room full of zombies!
When they left the cage 20 minutes later, both their cheeks were reddish pink, di ko alam if from the heat inside the zombie cage (aircon naman daw) or from sheer fright!
They want to go inside again this Thursday. I hope they fare better next time.
They both admitted that if their experience were a real zombie apocalypse, they'd both be dead na.
Pano, paglabas na paglabas pa lang, they were both arguing na on what to do and they said, since it was a bit dark inside and they only had flashlights, they didn't know where the clues were and what to do, and when they were reading it aloud, ayun, lumabas na ang mga zombies, ready to attack them!
Nagkanya-kanyang diskarte na sila imbes magtulungan!

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