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Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Next Dream: To Build Something Like the Hong Kong Fringe Club

Kahit matanda na ako, I still have some dreams to fulfill and one of them is to build something like the Hong Kong Fringe Club.  

This is exactly the concept that I want to apply in Manila.  Yun lang, I know I can't use the word "Fringe" kasi that's already associated with art that is on the fringes, yung mga "weird" art ika nga.

It basically has an art gallery, a space for theatre plays, dance studios upstairs for tango classes and a bar for jazz and rock music, not the top 40 type of music ha, but the more eclectic ones for the more sophisticated audiences.

It's very tiny for Manila standards kasi super mahal real estate sa HK island e but I love how they partitioned everything and made use of the space.

Anyway, they renovated the place now and it looks much much better than the last time I visited them .  The gallery is now more spacious and it has also become the de facto lobby for the people watching theatre plays.

They also separated the entrance of their bar which is good as well.

I hope to find a place like this in Manila, preferably in a property that we own, para no more rental worries.  It's basically a place where artists can gather to show their work - whether they be into paintings, sculpture, photography, theatre, and music.

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