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Friday, October 23, 2015

I Wish We Would Learn How to Queue Properly

I am posting this picture to show to you how further evolved the Hong Kong people are in terms of respecting queues and being considerate to people who came ahead of them.
It was 7:40PM at McDonald's Causeway Bay and the queue was long since only one counter was open and it was dinner time.
When the manager opened a new counter, the guy behind the left counter transferred to the newly-opened counter - and nobody followed him. What happened was, each time, the customer in the right counter finished, whoever was behind the customer in the left counter would just transfer.
Talk about respecting the queue and being considerate to whoever came ahead.
I am pointing this out because every weekend in the Trinoma cinemas where the queues are long, whenever the guard opens a new counter, you know what happens, ang mga animal sa likod biglang tatakbo sa harap, walang pakialam na there were people ahead of them.
And if you point this out to the guard, ayun, he would just shrug as if to say, "Ganun talaga bossing, wala akong magagawa."
And this is the Trinoma crowd ha, hindi eto Tondo crowd! You'd think may mga pinag-aralan tong mga taong eto at nag-iEnglish English pa.
We have such a long way to go to evolve as a people. Simpleng pila lang, we cannot even respect the person ahead of us.
We just always think of ourselves.

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