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Friday, October 23, 2015

How My Guardian Angel Saved Me From Losing My Wallet in Hong Kong

Muntik nang madisgrasya ang bakasyon ko kahapon.
I have this bad habit *kasi of wearing loose shorts so much so that its contents would fall off. It happened in Manila but I was lucky that Laura spotted my wallet.
So yesterday, wearing those loose shorts, as I was fumbling through my bag while in a queue for the tennis tickets, I realised I could not find my wallet! Nataranta lola mo so I had to run back to the Internet cafe which was the last place I went to before going to Victoria Park.
OMG! Since di makatakbo lola mo, I had to walk briskly, and even if my legs were killing me, I was worried about somebody getting the wallet!
Alam mo yung ang hapdi hapdi na ng paa mo pero the adrenaline is so strong parang gazelle tumakbo from the park to the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay!
Normally, I would not freak out *kasi I would have some cash stashed in the hotel safe and the ATMs and cards are replaceable *naman. *Yun lang, this trip, since HK lang *naman, I depended heavily on my ATMs. In other words, *walang cash lola mo!
And everything was in that thin wallet - Octopus card, local and international ATMs, a little cash - so *umiiyak na ang lola mo habang tumatakbo *dahil ang tanga-tanga ko!
So when I reached the Internet cafe, I went straight to my chair and computer and found out that they cleaned it already! I checked the desk and the keyboards and under the table.
No wallet. I wanted to go to the counter and ask but I said, check again, more carefully, this time.
Lo and behold, andun ang aking wallet sa gilid ng chair near the armrest. It fell out my shorts *nga!
Di ko agad nakita, kasi the color of my wallet was green. And the color of the chair's upholstery was - *ayun green din. Nag-camouflage *sya kaya *pati ang internet staff, missed it.
Whew! Ayun, after I saw it, nagpasalamat sa *mga *suking santo at kay Mother Mary and kay God na din for saving me from my stupidity!!
Normally *kasi, when I leave a place, I check for my wallet, passport and cellphone. That time, since *gutom na lola mo, I failed to do my usual checking, *basta na lang *umalis!
Thank you guardian angel for the camouflage!

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