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Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Impressive Flat in Hong Kong

This is now where I live for the meantime here in Hong Kong. It's a big step up from where we used to live in Sheung Wan.

It's in the Kowloon side towards the east in Kowloon city. The flat has a fantastic view of the Kowloon skyscrapers and just a bit of the Hong Kong island skyline.

And I love the cut of the flat! I swear the SM condos look more like coffins than flats. The designers of SM's condos should observe how the HK developers cut their condos. Maliit lang pero the flow of the air and the light is amazing.

Good news is they're building an MTR line just below us, yippeee!!

While Manila's MRT transport is in a deep quagmire, just like in other more developed cities here in our side of Asia, their governments are constantly adding stations to their existing public train transport.

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