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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fantastic Body Jam Class at FF Avenue K in Kuala Lumpur

As usual, first order of the trip is to attend a Body Jam class. Sadly, FF Menara mbF has closed already so sa FF Avenue K na ako makaka-attend everyday.

I really preferred the former one because it was not very crowded. The latter is, OMG, parang palengke, a bekiloo every square millimeter! You wonder who is the queen among all these divas!

Anyway, I attended probably one of the best Body Jam classes ever - the energy of the class was very high and the instructor, Uchop, is one of the best instructors that I've ever attended, very confident, very expressive with his moves and just no holding back with him!

He did mostly old tracks, which was great and I thought I already saw everything in Body Jam but with him, you get to see something new from those vintage tracks I've done a thousand times!

He kinda reminded me of how Jing did those rock tracks last week. I reacted like, "Ooohhh that's how it's done pala, it's more expressive, more in the spirit of the tracks being played." Same with him.

It's fun to see old favorite tracks being danced to in a new light! It's really how the instructor puts his or her own stamp into them that makes them very enjoyable to watch.

He also taught the next class, called Dance Fusion. It's really more like my G-Force classes since the steps were very complicated and there's a step for every count. Feeling mo, back-up dancer ka sa concert ni Madonna!

And I loved it! The class composition was also very interesting! May bata, may matanda, may babae, may lalaki, may Chinese, may Malay, may Indian, may mga puti - it was the most heterogeneous dance class, I've ever attended!

The pressure was like attending a G-Force class. Wag kang tatanga-tanga and you have to have recharged your memory cells! We did four eights and ayun, anlandi ng steps. no holding back talaga!

Incentive na rin na cute yung chinito guy beside me. Mahirap pala sumayaw pag gwapo katabi mo. You have to concentrate more and not keep looking at how he dances!

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