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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lounging around Fitness First Avenue K

Fitness First Avenue K is the third club I've been regularly patronizing every time I'm in KL. Too bad, my first two favorites have all closed down.

My favorite was FF Menara Maxis. I think it was inside the Petronas Towers e. You had to leave an ID in the reception below and then present your ID in the gym upstairs.

Then there was FF Menara mbF, which was very near Shangri-la Hotel. Ayun, I found out now lang na it closed na rin.

I loved that place kasi it was very cozy, andaming cute, and ayun, mabenta ang siomai. It was also the place where the people were the most friendly.

The Avenue K branch is now part of a fully-finished mall. When I went here before, kinoconstruct pa lang sya. Ngayon, gawa na. And the location is perfect for me because it's beside a bookstore!

By the way, it says Level 2 but it's actually in the 4th floor in Pinoy terms. Like in HK or in other places, ang GF for them is not Level 1 or the first floor. So may GF, may Level, Level 2, etc.

What confused me was their first floor seemed like the mezzanine floor? Anyway, basta nasa 4th floor sya, nasa likod, tabi ng Popular Bookstore.

Sometimes, I would wonder how foreigners see Pinoys in the gym. Kasi dito, they don't have the Retro mommies, and the noisy bekis, and the bro-bro Daddies all grouped together.

Like everyone else, I was sitting alone, sipping my tea, while everyone else was on their cellphones. Unlike in the Manila FF gyms, there were no 'cliques'.

I guess that says something about our Filipino ways. The gym is really a social club, as well.

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