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Friday, September 25, 2015

Marking My 44th Trip Abroad!

I learned about an interesting statistic today.
News about the haughtiness of immigration officers have been in social media lately and since I was using a new passport, the immigration officer immediately asked if it were my first time abroad.
He also asked me if I brought my old passports (who brings all their old passports, except maybe when the visa you need is on an old one!!?)
The immigration people never used to talk to me but now, this guy even asked for my return ticket!
Anyway, his manner quickly changed from being haughty to congenial.
He was shocked to find I had already made 44 trips abroad in my lifetime.
I was also shocked myself because I've never worked or studied abroad and I only have one sister who lives abroad and I've only visited her once. Also, none of these were business trips.
Those were just all traveling for travel's sake! So that's where all my money went!
Sobrang kati pala talaga ng paa ko! I'm curious tuloy how many travels my brother has as well. Makati rin paa nun!
Anyhow, money well spent pa rin.....looking forward to planning my next 44!

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