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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spacious and Airy Public Transport System in KL

If only the MRT and LRT stations in Metro Manila were this airy and density free, I'm sure many of the car-riding public in the metro would opt to take public transpo.

I would.  I've lived in HK for years and I rarely took a cab.  Even here.  I only take a cab when a family member is with me.  

I take their expansive train system even going to the airport.

And every time I get to re-visit, may natapos na naman sila na new line!

And the fares are competitive ha. Kasi, I checked my fare from my hotel to the stadium, which is about 12 stations away, in other words, malayo sya.

I only paid RM1.90, which is about 25 pesos. Imagine, kalayo kalayo, yung lang binayaran ko!  I think it just gets more expensive if you transfer to the other lines, kasi if I have to go to KLCC, ayun, umaabot na ng RM5 or more.

Well, the pictures can be misleading though because it's the weekend - the loooonnng weekend after Eid, so I'm sure, most KL residents are out of town.

Good luck bukas!

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