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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Book Review: Charlotte Gray

Finally I finished this book, Charlotte Gray, tonight while waiting for the US Open coverage. There are books which I can finish in a week, this one took me almost 3 months! There is actually a movie version of this book, starring Cate Blanchett, but I still have to find a copy of that movie.
At some point, I wanted to just give up reading it as parts of it were plodding, but soon as I reached the last two-thirds of the book, I finished that part in just a day, mainly because the action was quick and everything was unraveling very quickly!
I love books about World War II and this one, mainly set in rural France, is even more interesting because it depicts the politics of France during that time and how the people felt towards the German occupation of their country.
I don't think I really warmed up to the main character that's why it took me sometime to finish this book. Sometimes, it's really important that I identify with the main characters or at least care for them, otherwise, it's easy to just lose interest.
It's just good that there are many subplots and other interesting characters mainly the French ones, as the book moves from London to rural France.

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