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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wear It Like A Celebrity: Me in Givenchy!

As my body became more and more rotund, I have already given up following what male celebrities are wearing and I don't know anymore what's fashionable and cool (at least in Hollywood), because I always thought none of those clothes would fit me.
So I was intrigued when the sales person in Givenchy told me that the shirt I was wearing was very popular with Hollywood celebrities!
Apparently, Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tischi has been plastering this Rottweiler dog in many of their items, from backpacks to shirts, which is popular with Hollywood's hip hop community.
Usher still wears it much better than me - and his Rottweiler is bigger!! I don't feel like I'm wearing the shirt well. That angry Rottweiler is an antithesis of who I really am!
I was shocked though to learn that this shirt costs the same as your I-phone 6???!!!!

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