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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Magic of Hugot in the Plays Staged at the Virgin Labfest 12

It's understandable that hugot lines are a-plenty in the present crop of plays in the Virgin Labfest. They are quite popular with the youth today and it brings an instant reaction from the audience.

Dalawang Gabi by Juan Miguel Severo was from last year's batch but returns this year for a restaging. I'm sure everyone can relate to this play - unless you've never been rejected by a person you loved in your life! Lucky you! That's why it's easy to get a reaction from the audience when the subject is like this. Candy Pangilinan and Alex Yasuda make a pretty pair in this one!

I didn't quite get the story of Daddy's Girl as it tried to mix the idea of incest with all the great loves of history! It's an intriguing play by Ricardo Novenario. The theme is bizarre but the audience reacted well since it took snippets of popular love scenes in popular culture - Romeo and Juliet, Titanic - were the ones I recognized easily.

Ang Mga Bisita ni Jean by Ma. Cecilia dela Rosa tells of failed opportunities at love and once again, uses the hugot theme to draw the audience in. It is set though in the world of the youth revolutionaries which I think the largely burgis audience won't be able to relate to. I don't think these latte-drunk Instagram-addicted youth of today will go to the hills and become revolutionaries! So much has changed since the days of Marcos!

Catch these three interesting plays at the Virgin Labfest 12 at the CCP on its last week this coming week.

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