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Monday, July 4, 2016

Finding The Most Sustainable Way to Control My Sweet Tooth

When I went gung-ho and minimized my meat intake 3 weeks ago, I thought I'd have a hard time! Interestingly, it was quite easy to limit my meat intake - chicken included - and I subsisted mostly on vegetables and a bit of fish.

I haven't completely stopped eating meat though as my brother and the kiddos still eat meat and Sundays are definitely carnivorous days with everyone around the table!

It's just that maybe out of 5 kilos of meat intake weekly, it's now down to just 1. It did make me feel lighter and now I can jump a little in my exercises. Kanina, I joined Body Step, an exercise I may not be able to do if I were a bit heavier.

What's more challenging, and something which I should have expected, is lessening my sugar intake - and those are the softdrinks and C2 and all the chocolates and brownies and cookies which are readily available in the fridge and my brother's room.

I have good days and bad days with sweets. Like today, wala. Just as long as I stay away from the sweets section of any supermarket or store or my path to the gym is away from the sweets shop, I'm fine. Otherwise, I'm like someone from AA who's been given a bottle of brandy.

Maybe I should try the fruits route to satisfy my sweet cravings. I've seen other people do it. Not really inviting but something that's easily accessible since even convenience stores now sell fruits.

While I'm writing this, I'm pissed off I didn't buy that pack of Choc-Nut in the pharmacy on my way home. Buti na rin kasi ubos lahat yun while I'm watching tennis.

So today, my sweet tooth loses. Tomorrow is another day of battling against the urge!

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