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Monday, June 1, 2015

So Excited to See the Biopic of Legendary Designer Yves Saint Laurent

It's great news that another movie about a gay genius is going to be screened in Manila.  Earlier this year, we were lucky to see the riveting yet tragic story of the gay mathematical genius, Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.  Now, the legendary life of fashion designer non pareil, Yves Saint Laurent, will be screened in a movie version of his life at this year's French Film Festival.

Mabuti na yung may mga gay role models na makita ang mga batang bakla para malaman nila na there is nothing wrong with being true to yourself and that you can be a productive citizen of the world irrespective of your sexual preference - something that the Catholic church and its bishops can't seem to understand.

Anyway, I read about the life of Yves Saint Laurent a few years ago and I was moved by the fragility of this person's genius and how he was able to cause tremors and earthquakes in the world of fashion! For his path and that of Christian Dior to cross is already a legend of a story by itself.

Any fashionista worth his or her salt would know what Saint Laurent has given to the world! There is a world of difference between what this guy has achieved and that of Tom Ford and all those so-called stylist-turned-designers. Even Karl Lagerfeld himself has acknowledged how towering the achievements are of YSL compared to him. Mahiya naman siya noh, wala sya sa katiting. All chutzpah but no substance - and he knows it.

You may be surprised that many of the ideas and clothes you are wearing today were YSL's original ideas - and it caused quite a stir when these ideas were introduced into the marketplace.

Two movie versions of his life came out at the same time in France. I'm glad one of them is going to be screened here. I have seen the trailer of the movie and everything is lush and fashionable and eye candy really, all over the place!

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