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Friday, June 5, 2015

Movie Review: Les Garcons et Guillaume, A Table

Guillaume Gallienne's performance in the movie Les Garcons et Guillaume, A Table is probably one of the best double role performances I have seen in years.  He plays both the son and the mother in this movie - and I admit it took me a while to realize that he was also the mother!

He plunges into both roles with such bravado, when you learn of the twist in the end, it throws you off kilter!  The movie is about searching for his own identity and a part of it is his sexual awakening which brings me to this conversation I had with a young male friend a few weeks ago and I was a bit baffled because I always thought that by 18 years old, one would already know for sure if he likes girls or he likes boys, but this friend of mine would like to play the bisexual card - and he's already way into his 20s!

Anyway, I suggested to him, like what was suggested in the movie, that to finally discover who you want, to just find out by sleeping with them.  It is not unusual for gay men to adore women - we love watching the Miss Universe competition after all - but we don't have sex with women!  I just told him, why don't you try sleeping with a woman and maybe if you enjoy it, then, you might not be gay after all!  And vice-versa!

Oh well, just like in the movie, the people around him see him as a gay person, because of his being effeminate and little things here and there which are mostly associated with gay people.  

There's some psychological mumbo-jumbo towards the end which I don't really subscribe to but which tries to tie in the loose ends for Guillaume's character.  I really also hope my friend finds his true self soon.  I even want to say to him a line in the movie, "Why do you hate yourself so much?"

Like Guillaume's character in the movie, my friend's epiphany should happen soon enough.  In the movie, Guillaume's character finds it in his mother, who had been the key to his 'imprisonment' for a long time.

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