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Monday, May 8, 2017

Versace on the Floor: Wearing Versace While Teaching High School Students

Once in a while, I wear clothes to school that reflect my true personality, usually just opting for my usual Ralph Lauren and Lacoste shirts since their designs are "school friendly".
So today, I decided to wear my Moschino shirt with the big red flower and the tagpi tagpi design - which one teacher aptly described as - "something that a pre-school pupil would draw".
 One time, I wore my other Moschino shirt with bright sky blue print and cursive text on it and I remember, one of the school heads, the one who's always serious, make a compliment on it!
And I remember during Valentine's week when I wore my pink Paul Smith hand-painted flower shirt which included some embroidered flowers as well - and some of the teachers said - "instead of bringing flowers, I wore the flowers!".
My students' wide-eyed reactions to the clothes when I enter the classroom are just as amusing and the cute comments they make which I reply with a curt thank you - careful not to draw too much attention to it and just proceed with the lesson.
At least once in a while, the kids can see that clothes they see in couture fashion shows can actually be worn in a school setting - if you just find a confident cool person to wear it without being too self-conscious.
Frankly, I can't wait to wear my fully embroidered Paul Smith shirts or my tattered Junya Watanabe's "poverty look" collection but maybe when my students are really comfortable with me na.
 When they have fully accepted the fact that teachers, and not only runway models or celebrities, can also don couture fashion pieces.
I'm also still waiting for the right moment to wear Versace!
Wearing Versace while teaching high school students concepts like poverty and war and conflict - haute couture meets social realism. I'm sure that's par for course in all Ivy League uni's.....


  1. My brother is a teacher and he wears crazy shirts too! 😁

    1. That is cool! I put on a blazer though if I wear a crazy shirt so that my boss won't call me to her office!