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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Patricia Arquette: Finally Getting the Recognition She Deserves

My most favorite scene in Boyhood was when Patricia Arquette broke down when her son was already leaving for college.  Anyone who has raised a kid would understand where she was coming from in that scene - and I too felt a flood of emotions when she was doing that scene!  I knew then that she had a good chance of getting some of the acting awards this 2015 awards season.

I also love her in the TV show Medium, one of my favorites! Laura calls it the 'sleeping' show because nothing will really happen in the TV show until her character sleeps.

So when I saw Boyhood last year and saw her play the mother of the boy - I was bowled over by the naturalness of her performance and I am not surprised that she got a Golden Globe award for it!  It was like seeing her Medium character again!  Although she played a psychic in Medium, she also plays the role of a mother to three girls.  It was like seeing the extension of her character there played out this time in the big screen for the movie Boyhood! 

She truly deserves the Best Supporting Actress award.  She should get her first Oscar nomination in the same category.  I think she has a good chance of winning that Oscar.  I'm so excited for her! 

Job well done!

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