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Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Colombia: Not Quite My Pick for Miss Universe 2015

When the first five candidates (of the top 10), came out with their evening gowns, I had a feeling our own candidate MJ Lastimosa was in trouble, and when she did come out, I think she was seventh, I knew she may not make it to the top 5, mainly because the first 5 girls who came out looked stunning in their gowns!

And true enough, except for the US, four out of the five Top 5 candidates were my picks!

I wasn't able to see the whole Q&A portion though (the judges' questions part) due to a bathroom break, but I saw the Facebook question.  That's why I am surprised with the judges' choice of choosing Colombia as Miss Universe.

If I were a judge, my vote would look like this -

Miss Universe - Jamaica
1st RU - Ukraine
2nd RU - Netherlands
3rd RU - USA
4th RU - Colombia

That's why when it was announced that Miss Jamaica was just 4th runner-up, I gasped along with the TV audience, and I'm not surprised that some of them even booed!

Oh well, pageants like this are hard to predict sometimes and it's not every year that my choice would be the same as the judges'.

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