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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie Reviews: The Gay Movie Shelter is Endearing!

When I was in my 30s, my brother and I would usually actively watch movies in gay film festivals here in Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
It was our simple way of supporting the LGBT community, and really, a decade ago, it was still a bit subversive to be watching gay films in the open, even abroad. With so many paminta around, nobody wanted to be seen in public, watching a gay-themed film.
I have kinda stopped though nowadays, so it was a real pleasure when I watched this gay-themed movie called Shelter, which was released in the US in 2007.

Since most gay movies, especially the local ones are f*****ng depressing, it was quite refreshing to watch a gay movie where nobody dies in the end! And it helps that the lead is Aga Muhlach-cute! And he can act!
The script could easily be replicated here in Manila but the movie is set in southern California and because the movie has many beautiful shots of the place, parang I want to visit California na talaga in 2016, yun lang, I may need an international driver's license so I can drive around.
Anyhow, the movie is entertaining and any newbie gay person should easily relate to it. There are indeed many things that gay people have to consider before coming out and I really feel for them.
I just feel really lucky I did not have to endure many of those things. May advantages din if bakla ka na nung bata ka! Wala nang need to come out. It just makes one's life much easier.

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