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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ridley Scott Should Win 2016 Oscar Best Director Award

The 2016 Oscar season has just started as the National Board of Review released their best list for this year, and I'm pretty excited that finally Ridley Scott has a very big chance of snagging the Oscar Best Director award that he richly deserves.
I was a kid when I first saw Alien and I was so amazed and excited by it - and you can watch the film now - and you would say that with its special effects and pacing - that it's not a movie that was made in 1979! Also, it was one of the rare times in Hollywood, where the hero of an action sci-fi movie was a woman!!
And then he did Thelma and Louise when I was in college! You'd think a woman directed this movie but I was surprised to find out it was him! And then you can see the thread of how comfortable he is with directing women in a lead role - and strong women at that.
Then when I was working na, he did Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, in two succeeding years. I really thought he'd win it for Gladiator pero wala. Tapos, I don't really like macho war movies but I was moved by Black Hawk Down and when I checked the director - sya naman pala, no wonder you really care for the characters.
My brother saw The Martian (the movie Scott will most likely win an Oscar for) and my brother said it was a poorer version of Gravity - and I haven't seen it yet - he said the ending was too Hollywood-ish.
Anyway, the Academy rarely matches the movie to the director - like Martin Scorsese won for The Departed but not for Raging Bull or Goodfellas, which were more superior films. Sometimes, the award comes belatedly.
It would be interesting to see how the other influential critics vote but with the list now of movies and directors, I think he's the one who deserves to finally win na talaga.
He's getting old na, sayang naman kung posthumous ang award. Except for Steven Spielberg (he already has 2 Oscars for Best Director), most of the other prospective nominees are young - and they can wait for their turn,

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