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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Does Mad Max: The Fury Road Deserve an Oscar Best Picture Nomination?

Mad Max: The Fury Road was chosen by the National Board of Review as Best Film of 2015. I'm not surprised. The reviews for the movie has been very exceptional.
I am just waiting though, if the older and more staid voters of the Academy would vote for a film as brash as this for a slot in the Oscar Best Picture race.
I don't know the film's director George Miller and his filmography but it helps that Oscar winner Charlize Theron is here - and they are campaigning for her for a Best Supporting Actress nomination (which I think she can get because of her star wattage and her good reviews).
I've noticed that the Oscar voters always balances their choices with star wattage and voting for new faces. Kasi naman kung walang star wattage sa nominees, nobody will watch the awards.
And if Charlize does get nominated, the fashion houses of Paris and Milan will fight nail and claw to get her nod to dress her during Oscar night. She'd be a walking endorsement for the fashion house. (Unless of course she already has a tie-in with a big fashion brand - I wouldn't be surprised if she does.)
The film though should score big in the technical awards - Sound, Special Effects, Costume, Make-up. It's a dazzling, bleak and violent futuristic movie. Votes from the members of those technical academies can surely help the film snag a slot for Best Picture.

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