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Monday, December 14, 2015

My Brother's Very First Movie Appearance!

Mama texted me around midnight the other night and told me we had to go to the premiere of my brother's movie last night.
I initially told my brother I couldn't make it because I had two parties already, but I felt a bit guilty because he has always supported me when I started my business and in most of the fashion shows we produced.
Anyway, I think my friends naman would understand. How many times in a year nga naman do you appear in a movie?
I'm actually happy I went because it's always important to support your family in all their crazy dreams! He may not have said it aloud but I think he was very happy Mama and I, at least, were there.
We had a lot to say about his acting though, LOL! At least now, yung press release niya, talagang may nangyari na! Congrats sis!

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