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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rooting for Jennifer Jason Leigh for Oscar Best Supporting Actress

Another big winner in the National Board of Review awards this year, and who I'm sure, will also figure big in the coming Oscar race, is 90s star Jennifer Jason Leigh.
And it does help that the movie she won for (The Hateful Eight) is directed by Quentin Tarantino! So that gives her more gravitas during voting time. Incidentally, the SAG will release its nominations next week, so if she's there, she'll have a good chance of making it into the final Oscar list.
In the gym, every time there is a female client who has some psychopath tendencies, I always tell my friends, "Oh, it's like that girl in Single White Female!. She looks pretty and pleasing on the outside, but is really psychotic on the inside!"
Well, today's generation wouldn't know that movie anymore but it was very popular in the 90s and Jennifer was that creepy girl! And she did a very good job scaring Bridget Fonda out of her wits with that role!
I really thought she'd go A-list. Interestingly though, she never faded from the background. I checked her IMDB and she had work year after year up to now! Talo nya pa si Halle Berry!
Just like last year's winner Patricia Arquette (a journeywoman actress whom I am a big fan of as well), I'm just happy that these mature actresses are finally getting their due after decades in the business.
It's still too early to say if Jennifer does win the Oscar but I hope she at least gets nominated.

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