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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

To Get an Oscar Nomination Becoming A Possibility for A Nine-Year Old

The Oscars have nominated children and teenagers in the past and the most recent one has been Quvenzhane Wallis, who was nine years old when she got nominated for Best Actress in the Beasts of the Southern Wild.
This year, it's the turn of a boy actor, of similar age, who has kept the award circuit buzzing. Jacob Tremblay just got nominated for a SAG Best Supporting Actor award and the buzz around him is so strong, some even consider him a forerunner in the Oscar Best Supporting Actor award.
It's because his role is so central the the movie he is in, Room, that many critics and award watchers won't be surprised if they do give the trophy to him on Oscar night.
The reviews of his acting and that of his mother in the movie, Brie Larson, are so good that if both of them win an Oscar, it wouldn't surprise pundits at all!
Well, Jacob has to get his name on the Oscar shortlist first and with this SAG nomination, his name would be on top of many of the actor's voting list.
The last young male person who was nominated for an Oscar that I can remember of is Haley Joel Osment for The Sixth Sense, and he was really unforgettable in that role. He really carried the movie!

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