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Friday, December 18, 2015

Creepy Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Nightcrawler'

I remember that 'Nightcrawler' had its screening here in Manila last year but it quietly disappeared.
The movie eventually got an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, because it really was one of the most original stories from last year's roster of films.
Too bad Jake Gyllenhaal was not in the 2015 Oscar Best Actor list but this year was really pretty crowded with fantastic performances from the guys.
Jake Gyllenhaal's character here is probably one of the creepiest leading men I have seen in years. Jake inhabits the character so well, you'd forget he was one-half of the M2M couple in The Brokeback Mountain. Wala talagang kaluluwa ang character niya dito.
We always talk about being ethical in our lives and free ourselves from greed, but Jake's character here is the most unethical and most greedy person you'd meet and he will do anything, even have someone killed, just to get what he wants. It's so chilling to watch him!
I've loved Rene Russo for ages and I think this is her best work ever! It does help that she's married to the director so she had first dibs on this role. This is a side that I've never seen her play, because like Jake's character, this woman will do anything for money, for ratings, to be ahead in the game.
I don't know much about journalism ethics and where to draw the line on what to show to the audience, but I believe most of the things she did here won't be acceptable practice in most US TV channels.
Or I might be wrong and they may be doing it already.
This movie has a 'European' style ending. The bad man wins so it was not very easy for me to switch the DVD and TV off knowing there was no redemption for the 'victimized' people in the end.......Huhuhu
So don't watch this when you've had a bad day, baka lalo pang mag-aggravate ang already bad mood mo!

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