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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie Review: Let the Right One In - Bleak, Cold, Lonely, Mysterious

Sweden is such a beautiful country, whether you go there in winter or summer. It is not crowded and public transport arrives like clockwork. The people can speak good English and I love ogling at the tall blonde boys, be they at the park, at the train station or at the swimming pool!
That is why I wonder why popular Swedish cinema is populated by really sick, really mentally sick, really lonely, really scary characters. Their cinema just doesn't reflect how beautiful their country is.
The American horror movie 'Let Me In' was my personal Best Film of 2010. It was probably the scariest movie I've seen since The Sixth Sense.
And then I learned that it was just a remake, and that the original was from Sweden and the title came from a Morrissey song, Let the Right One In.
The two movies are virtual mirror images of one another, as the American remake stayed almost 100% faithful to the original version. A few changes were made, but the atmosphere of dread, and cold, biting cold, and the degree of violence were very similar.
We watched the Swedish version of the movie on Christmas dawn, after we had our noche buena. Laura was the only one awake with me and I told her that it was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen - and she agreed with me soon as the end credits came up.
This is also one of the cleverest spins to a vampire story that I've ever seen. I assure you that as the end credits roll, there will be sick feeling in your stomach.

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