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Friday, June 3, 2016

There Are no Stereotypes to People Including the Programs We Watch on TV

I went to our kitchen today and saw how clear the tennis match was on the TV there.

The kitchen TV and the TV in my room are the same old trusty Sony brand - but I have been suffering these past two weeks because I could barely see the tiny yellow tennis ball, especially when I lie down in bed to watch a match!

So I asked our kasambahay, how come the reception of her TV was so clear - and she said, "Ilagay mo sa Sports yung video sir".

I did just that, and voila, now, I can see the tennis ball very clearly!

Apparently, my TV was on Vivid, that's why all the colors were out there and I could barely see the tiny yellow tennis ball amidst all that flaming Paris red clay!

Ang talino ni Ate!

By the way, my kasambahay does not watch telenovelas and opts to watch tennis and UAAP volleyball and Cinema One movies.

O di ba? There are no stereotypes to people. We watch what we want to watch!

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