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Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Taking BS from Men Anymore, Especially When It Comes to Sex

I went out with a guy around my age last week, for a change, after being with boys half my age for the past few years! Not bad looking - like Monsour del Rosario but with facial hair. So really, mamang mama.

Everything went ok - dinner, coffee, cake with coffee, conversation was stimulating - and since it was the wee hours of the morning na - ayun off to his car we went - to go to paradise! Charot!

So while in the car, we did some small talk again and then he says, "Oh, by the way, if we go out again, I don't want you to wear those shirts that only Ricky Reyes would wear (see picture below)"

Big (silent) gasp on my part! Apparently he was stalking na pala my FB because I was wearing dark gray that night. How did he know of my 'colorful' nature?

Here I was, me so horny na, ready to be the queen of the night, and then the guy says something deflating and nakakawalang-gana.
And I wasn't even looking for love! Since I'm old already, I don't take BS na from guys.

Andami kayang guys na Laila Dee lang noh, kaya ayaw ko mag-effort if you're not 100% into me.

So I just feigned an early schedule the next day and took a cab home.

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