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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lovin' the Nissan Navarra!

I never thought pick-up trucks can be so comfy inside and feel so cool! Yun lang, it would be a hard sell to everyone in the family.
They would be asking, "Why are you getting a pick-up truck, you're not in the construction industry?!"
Well, it's a 'pick-up' truck! Do I have to spell it out for you?

Oh well, it did feel nice to be inside the car, and the leg room was good and it can seat the kiddos and lola on Sundays. I think I can steer it confidently enough that I don't make too much bangga sa mga poste or sa walls.
Most importantly, I feel safe when it suddenly rains - you know naman how quick Manila's flood waters rise!
Well, wiz pa me budget, and I doubt this can happen now since there are more important things to prioritize.
Pero libre naman mangarap, and it always feels good to aim for something nice - at least for myself man lang - and not always for the family.

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