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Monday, May 22, 2017

Starbucks in Aseana City: The Biggest in the Country - that's what they told me

I continue to be amazed at how millennials have really embraced the Starbucks culture, considering that the coffee chain isn't a new brand anymore.
A new branch just opened near the school and the whole time we were there (maybe around an hour), the queue never let up!
And there is an existing branch already about a 10-minute walk from this one!

Is it a case of, "I just have to check out this new place" or "I just have to take a picture in this new branch for my IG so I would look cool to my friends".
Either way, the Tantocos are laughing all the way to the bank - and American Starbucks stockholders as well.
Everyone is happy.
The interiors are pretty nice, it looks like the one in Eastwood, but this time, the ceiling seems much much higher and the height of the glass walls should allow natural light to come in during the day.
The Starbucks interiors that I used to know is undergoing some tweaking - and it seems to be working as the crowd kanina was the younger set.

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