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Monday, May 8, 2017

When Underachieving Yet Bright Students Use Their Gifts, the Results are Spectacular!

As a teacher, I am hard on students whom I feel have so much to give but are underachieving.
I am teaching a research subject kasi and the subject needs someone who's talented in writing and in analysis.
Some of my students don't have both, but they work hard and give good work, so I reward them amply.
But there are some, who are very good in both, but are reckless with their gifts - and that quietly pisses me off!
So these past two terms, I have subtly found a way to motivate these gifted but underachieving students to give their best.
Mind you, it's not easy! Clever students are the hardest ones to get through to - and since they are rich kids, it makes the work doubly harder.
How do you motivate a kid to study and do well in school when his or her allowance is already 1000 pesos a day?
Para que pa mag-aral? Mayaman naman si Papa!
But because I know what they are capable of, my job is to let them produce the best output that they can possibly give!
Sayang naman ang mga gifts nila if mabubulok lang.
I felt I have given enough time and advices to the hard workers, now I felt it was time to polish the underperforming diamonds!
And the results have been positive!
Two of them just submitted their work today, 4 days ahead of the deadline!! (They usually submit very late before!!!)
And my God, I browsed through their papers and their work was brilliant! I wanted to cry for joy right then and there!
Finally, I got through them!
I also read an excerpt of the work of the most talented writer in my lower batch - and her work was of exceptionally high quality - parang nilampaso nya ang competition!!
My simple joy is just to see my brightest students do brilliant work and to see that some of them have risen to the occasion has made my teaching days worthwhile.
I am now looking forward to see everyone's work over the weekend, and I hope some of them will give me their best work yet!

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