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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Enjoying Anna Karenina

Now that Du30 is professing his love for Russia, here I am thoroughly enjoying Leo Tolstoy's romp into Russian high society.
The setting may be aristocratic Russia 200 years ago, but the truth is, everything here is as relevant now, and I admit, I am as scandalized by the lead characters' lack of shame, and perhaps, naivete, in pushing her own agenda.
I realized now that Russian high society was even more interesting than the French or British high society - at that time. The class divisions are even more marked since Russia had a big peasant population at that time.
You'd think British or French high society were snobbish? You haven't met the Russians! No wonder the Communists had all of them shot!
Talagang Kardashian, kung Kardashian! These are definitely Kim's predecessors!
Tolstoy is such an expert novelist, everytime I pick this book, I feel like I am one of the Russian aristocrats eavesdropping on the lives of their gentrified set. Feeling ko may moustache din ako and may personal valet, tapos may stable din ako ng horses!

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