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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Landian Talk: Hot Gay Gym Couple

Muntik akong maglandi to this young cute guy in the gym kanina when I realised that he's part of a couple pala - one of the odd matches I've seen in the gym lately.
Kasi this guy is around 5'4, very compact body, moreno, really nice chest parang MMA fighter with a jologsy face and owlish eyes. Hindi gwapo but may sex appeal.
His bf naman is around 5'8, tisoy, and has the most exquisite nose I've seen for sometime. Parang TJ Trinidad with a fabulous nose!

If you ask him to profile his face sideways, you would see what I mean! Nice cheekbones, beautiful nose, a patrician face if there was one!
If he were my bf, he would be my Rudolph because it's irresistible not to kiss that nose, among other parts of his lean body!
Anyhow, I find this couple wonderful because unlike many gay couples in the gym who never show affection for each other even if the world knows magjowa sila, these guys show affection to each other, but not in a scandalous PDA way.
Very subtle, very sweet, simple movements that show that they care for each other. Alam mo talagang into each other sila.
I noticed it nuon kasi our lockers are always magkatabi and it took me about five seconds to realize that couple pala sila!
They did it again today, they were both facing the mirror, the moreno guy in the back of the tisoy guy and they were so sweet, making punas with the towel and fixing the hair, it was like watching JaDine but this time guys lang.
I definitely hate them and am insanely jealous that two mismatched looking guys can be so in love.
Parang gusto ko maging Glenn Close ng Dangerous Liaisons and play the merciless Marquise de Merteuil - destroy the essence of this couple's true love and be the Vicomte de Valmont as well, and seduce owl eyes (or mr. aquiline nose), staining his purity and innocence and opening Pandora's box of lust and hedonism!
Ayan, when the world of fiction collides with real life!

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