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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pickpockets and the Pasko Season

Ingat pala kayo sa mall guys. I was just pickpocketed last night in Market Market.
I just bought bread at one of the outdoor stalls and went straight to the mall when I discovered that the three zippers of my knapsack were open!
Buti na lang I don't keep my main wallet and my cellphones there. They're usually deep inside the knapsack.
Yun lang, they got my coin purse - which Laura gave to me pa naman huhu.
The coin purse contained maybe around 100 pesos of coins pero naiinis pa rin ako sa audacity ng mga pickpockets.
There were many people last night kasi Friday night and it was drizzling so people were using their umbrellas, so I think it was a perfect camouflage to steal.
Ambilis! The walk from the bread stall to the mall would be around 3-5 minutes considering the crowd and it happened during that window of time, kasi I paid for my bread with the money from the coin purse pa e.
Tanga lang kasi I placed it in the second zipper, kaya natangay!
To think I now maintain a "pauwi na security guard look" when I go out para I look nondescript to people, yun lang I realized my knapsack is a Samsonite pala - and Samsonite bags have very smooth zippers!
Kaya I'm sure nag-enjoy yung mga pickpocket kasi ambilis buksan ng knapsack ko huhu!
So be careful everyone, Pasko na rin kasi so these thieves can easily blend with the shoppers and the office people na pauwi.
I could just imagine how many cellphones and wallets these people get from the Market Market crowd every night.

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