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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Belated Discovery in Prince Stefan

I have seen his sexy pictures before, I think I even bought the naughty magazine he did for these group of photographers specializing on these types of pictures.

But it is only now that I am beginning to like Prince Stefan, mainly because I think the guy can really act!  I first saw him in an episode of #TIMY and it was funny, because I was rooting for him and JC Reyes' character to give their relationship a go!

Pero marami atang arte ang character ni JC and their relationship was then cut.  So I stopped watching #TIMY.

Tapos, last Wednesday, I saw him in the movie Working Beks, and still, the guy is a natural actor.  His face can say a thousand things unlike many of the more popular actors we have now.

Anyway, ganun talaga ang showbiz, it's not always about the talent.

I hope he gets more projects whether on TV or in the movies.  And we don't mind if he exposes skin in all of them.  He has a strong sex appeal!

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